Double Old Fashioned - Single Serve

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A classic drink from the 1800s, it’s said that this was the cocktail to start it all. For all of its suave simplicity, the Double Old Fashioned still remains as relevant today as it was when it was first served in Kentucky 200 years ago.

The Double Old Fashioned is the drinkers drink, it’s a no fuss cocktail, for the bourbon lovers. It has all the perfect pillars of the perfect cocktail with spirits, sugar and bitters and nothing more.

The foundation of the perfect Double Old Fashioned is good quality bourbon. At Mon Verre, we wanted to pay homage to the cocktails roots by using the finest triple distilled Kentucky bourbon, aged in an oak barrel where it matures for at least six years. The notes of honey, spice, vanilla, a touch of cocoa and toasty oak is perfectly paired with Angostura bitters and sugar to bring you the perfect Double Old Fashioned, consistently delicious with every sip.

Unlike any other pre-made cocktails, we make our cocktail in small batches to preserve the freshly-made-at-the-bar taste.

To top it off, all our cocktails come in beautiful glass bottles with engraved details for ultimate luxury experience.


Serving Suggestions:

Add a large ice cube to a chilled Double Old Fashioned Glass.

Pour the Old Fashioned straight from the bottle.

Take an orange and peel a thin slither.

Press the peel around the rim then garnish.

Optional:  garnish with a maraschino cherry for the proper at-the-bar finish.



ABV: 29%
Standard Drinks 2.3

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