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At Mon Verre, we understand the unique needs of clubs and associations. We offer a range of solutions designed to elevate your brand, engage your members, and support your fundraising efforts. Our personalised glassware serves as an elegant and practical solution for corporate gifting, merchandising, and fundraising.


Fundraising with a Touch of Elegance

Fundraising is a crucial aspect of any club or foundation. Mon Verre adds a touch of elegance to this process with our personalised glassware. We offer a unique fundraising model where a percentage of each sale is donated back to your organisation. This allows you to raise funds while providing your supporters with a beautiful, tangible reminder of their contribution.

Commemorative Memorabilia

Our customised glassware also serves as a perfect commemorative item for your members. Whether it's to mark a significant milestone, a special event, or just to show appreciation, our glassware is a keepsake your members will cherish. It's more than just a product; it's a memory encapsulated in a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Corporate Gifting

Mon Verre is your go-to solution for corporate gifting. Our personalised glassware is an excellent choice for dinners, conferences, and important meetings. It's a thoughtful gesture that leaves a lasting impression. With our customisation options, you can ensure that your gifts align perfectly with your brand and message.