Negroni - 500ml

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We were in pursuit of curating the perfect four classic cocktails to offer to our customers, and the Negroni was a must-have. Our version of this timeless Italian drink is a triumph of balanced flavour. The bitterness of Campari is complemented by the sweetness of vermouth with its botanical notes and elevated by the finest gin from Australia.

Only the finest ingredients are used in our Negroni, expertly blended and bottled to create a perfect harmony of depth, texture, balance, and flavour. Our Negroni stands out from the rest and is unmatched in quality.

Like all our cocktails, the Negroni is made in small batches to ensure a fresh taste, and it is served in a beautiful glass bottle with intricate engravings for a luxurious experience.

ABV: 27%
Standard Drinks: 10.5

Add a large ice cube to a chilled Double Old Fashioned Glass.

Pour the Negroni straight from the bottle.

Take an orange and peel a thin slither.

Press the peel around the rim then garnish.