Manhattan - 500ml

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The Manhattan, one of the world's most recognizable cocktails, couldn't be left out of our lineup. With its perfect balance of spicy notes, subtle bitterness, and just the right touch of sweetness, it is sure to please a variety of palates. It's sophistication and simplicity, makes it a must-have for bourbon enthusiasts.

With the perfect balance of bourbon, vermouth, and bitters, we created a Manhattan that is sure to impress, refresh and relax after a long day. Our cocktail will transport you back in time to a classic Manhattan bar, where you can imagine sipping alongside 19th-century New Yorkers.


As with all our cocktails, our Manhattan is made in small batches to maintain its freshly-made-at-the-bar taste. And, of course, all of our cocktails come in stunning glass bottles with engraved details for a luxurious experience.

ABV: 29%
Standard Drinks: 11.5